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Eloise O’Ball, RN - Registered Holistic Allergist
Eloise O’Ball, BIE
Registered Bieoenergetics Practitioner (R. BIE)
Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

If You Could, Would You Let Your Body Heal Its Own Allergies Or Alleviate Suffering?

If you suffer from stressors from food, environmental, chemical, animal dander or other stressors, then you have come to the right place.

We offer a natural and non- invasive modality that helps your body achieve balance (homestasis) without the use of needles or drugs.

Are you fed up with food stressors and food related stressors?

Food Allergies and Food Related AllergiesHaving food sensitivities is a real drag when you have to avoid foods for fear of feeling lousy after eating them. You are likely growing weary of checking food labels for hidden food additives that have you feeling miserable. I bet that you hate cooking special meals for yourself when everyone else gets to eat whatever they desire.

Food stressors can destroy you social life.

As a parent you may be terrified that your child will have a severe food stressor reaction. God forbid that they have a food stressor reaction when you aren’t with them and nobody knows how to give them their medication.

Do you long to be free of environmental or seasonal stressors?

Environmental or Seasonal AllergiesKeeping your windows shut when the tree pollen or fresh cut grass are activating your swollen sinuses is no way to live. It is not fair to struggle with severe seasonal symptoms when enjoying the outdoors.

Feeling sick when you breathe indoor mold or outdoor mold can be overwhelming. Having severe environmental stressors can make you want to move to a new city or home.

Are you ambushed by Chemicals?

If you suffer from reactions to chemicals, this will likely drive your nose crazy.

Cleaning products can bring about a range of symptoms like skin reactions, breathing problems, and flue like symptoms. Perfumes and other cosmetic products can elicit these and other unpleasant symptoms.

Poor air quality or the effects of new carpet, new paint and newly glued renovations can negatively affect your health.

Do pet and animal dander stressors have you frustrated?

You hate having to avoid your friend’s dogs, cats and other pets because of the numerous symptoms that appear. It would be nice to get a pet of your own but the reaction to the animal’s dander is not pleasant. Perhaps you suffer from numerous stressor symptoms while you live with a dog, cat or other pet.

Finally the last clincher ...

You hate feeling judged and misunderstood because nobody understands what it’s like to have nagging stressors to numerous foods, environmental items, chemicals, or animal dander. At the same time how can anyone understand how exhausting, debilitating and bothersome the symptoms can be?

It is likely that you are frustrated and fed up with your nagging stressor symptoms. Allergies can really hinder your enjoyment of life.

It’s time to change all that ...

Life can be experienced symptom free, once and for all.

I offer a natural solution that provides relief often in 1-4 sessions. This of course, depends on what the stressor issues are and your individual response.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Enjoy a varied diet and eat what you please
  • Increased your energy and vitality
  • Improve your immune system function
  • Reduce stress on your body
  • Relax when your children go to parties as they eat whatever is offered
  • Enjoy a less restricted lifestyle
  • Enjoy the occasional glass of wine, beer, or other alcohol
  • Travel to foreign countries and enjoy any type of cultural foods and environment with ease and peace of mind
  • Experience the outdoors with joy and enthusiasm
  • Enjoy the changing of the seasons with joy. Place yourself in the midst of fresh booms, fresh cut grass and experience nature to your hearts content
  • Have fun playing with pets or interacting with other animals
  • Buy yourself some perfume or use those unopened gifts of perfume or scented body care products
  • Wear jewelry without worrying about what metals are in it
  • Renovate your home or do the spring cleaning without worry
  • Live happier healthier fuller

For years I too suffered from stressor reactions to grains, dust and other items… I was desperate for a natural solution that worked.

I tried many traditional and natural remedies attempting to find relief from my various stressor substances, only to find that they always came back. I had rolled up my sleeve for the dozens of shots at the doctor’s office, or the serial drops at the naturopath’s office, until I felt like I would overdose on them. Antihistamines were expensive and made me feel unwell… I tried all of these allergy relief methods and more, combined of course with the avoidance method.

And then one day I found an amazing stressor breakthrough.

I discovered Bioenergetics (BIE). I overcame my nasty stressor issues and turned my life around with BIE and you can too.

BIE is a natural cutting edge natural relief method to help you achieve homeostasis (balance) once and for all.

Lasting balance and wellness are possible.

If you want to be free of nagging symptoms call Eloise O’Ball, Reg Bioenergetics Practitioner for your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation at (778) 839-6557 or

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Eloise O'Ball is a Bioenergetics Practitioner who provides Bioenergetics services for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, including Richmond, Delta, Tswassen, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster, Port Moody, and Coquitlam, B.C.
and the Okanagan, seasonally.